Published Monthly for Associates and Volunteers of St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center

October 2010  

The Birth Place Renovations

Dear Associate:

It warms my heart to share the latest accomplishment set forth in the “bucket list” of desired improvements for St. Mary-Corwin that we initiated a year ago.

From simply repainting the external windows on the east tower to upgrading our surgical suites and MRI equipment, we are making some impressive improvements to our hospital.  These improvements are helping us strengthen St. Mary-Corwin’s place as a trusted health care provider throughout Southern Colorado.

At the end of September, Phase I of the three-phase renovation schedule planned for The Birth Place was completed with generous support of more than $250,000 financed by foundation grants and gifts from donors. You will notice the improvements immediately when you see the elevator “wraps” announcing Elevators #7 and #8 as the first step towards The Birth Place.  Once on the fifth floor, the elevators open into a warm and inviting foyer welcoming new moms and their families.

The new spa-like environment offers a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere to make sure new moms are as comfortable as possible during this special time. Some of the offerings they can look forward to at The Birth Place include:

  • A “spa-kit,” a complimentary swaddle for the baby, and an easy-to prepare celebratory dinner for the family’s first night at home.
  • Private rooms and cozy, homelike birthing suites with Jacuzzi tubs and convertible beds
  • A special delivery room equipped for cesarean section
  • Comfortable, private postpartum rooms with private showers, phones and televisions
  • Our certified Level II Nursery provides new moms with compassionate, skilled and experienced care that is available for well babies, as well as special-need infants
  • Educational classes for mom-to-be and her family, with classes ranging from labor and delivery to breast-feeding and infant care

Enormous thanks goes to our Birth Place team that has worked tirelessly with facilities to create an environment and experience that is welcoming and nurturing for new mothers and their families. I invite each of you to visit The Birth Place to experience St. Mary-Corwin’s commitment to making every new beginning a special delivery.

Life begins at The Birth Place and that is an honor we hold dear at St. Mary-Corwin. Our new moms and their babies are in the hands of Pueblo’s best physicians and most compassionate nursing staff. The Birth Place at St. Mary-Corwin has been delivering babies and caring for new moms for more than 125 years. We will continue providing this care from the moment new moms are expecting to the day they take their baby home and beyond.

Jayne Mazur and the Foundation team have been the driving force in obtained funding for our Birth Place improvements.  As Jayne and the St. Mary-Corwin Health Foundation continue to secure funding for the next two phases, we will share the completion of the renovations and upgrades with a hospital-wide celebration. Look for more information in the coming months.


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Patient Care in Action

Brook Richardson, RN, MSN
Chief Nursing Officer & Vice President of Patient Care Services

I am reviewing the philosophy of nursing for St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center that was originally written in May 1983.  Did you know we have a philosophy of nursing?  Do you remember what our nursing philosophy states?  Is this your philosophy?  I would like to share this philosophy with all of you, possibly as a review or as a personal reflection for today as professional nurses:

It is the philosophy of Nursing Services at St. Mary-Corwin that nursing care is to be rendered in a holistic manner to promote the health of the patient’s body, mind and spirit to the maximum degree achievable.  Each member of nursing services is a patient advocate. 

We believe:

  • Nursing is an application of the principles of science, the art of caring, and the use of logic, empathy and compassion in the framework of the nursing process.
  • Nursing can effectively be delivered only within the boundaries of patient relationships built upon mutual trust, respect and expressed or evident need.
  • Caring acts, critical thinking, decision-making and advocacy make a significant difference in a patient’s ability to maintain or restore an optimum level of health or to face death with dignity.
  • Nursing must advance and support the acquisition and use of knowledge by fostering the spirit of inquiry, education, learning experiences, research and innovation.
  • Accountability must be demonstrated in professional nursing practice. 
  • Accountability denotes ownership of standards and or expectations and responsibility.
  • Nursing can best be delivered when each person’s contribution is valued and where resources are readily available to meet the patient’s needs.

Share this philosophy with each other; be proud of the sacred work you provide every day and every night.  Maybe share your thoughts at your next unit-based council meeting.  Maybe discuss where this philosophy of nursing supports your practice.  Challenge each other to share stories of when you lived this philosophy of nursing in your care giving. 

Is this your philosophy? Whose philosophy is it?

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Professional Development

David L. Noble, RN, MS
Director of Professional Development

As healthcare professionals, it is important to demonstrate our commitment to our profession.  We do this by reading professional journals, attending workshops, talking with our peers about clinical experiences, and through clinical certification.  Becoming certified in one’s clinical area tells our patients and co-workers that, “I as a professional have demonstrated my expertise in my chosen clinical practice.” 

The process for clinical certification involves a commitment of time, study and money.  In most cases, you will have spent between 1000 to 3000 work hours in your clinical specialty to qualify to take a certification exam.  For some examinations, you may have to complete a number of continuing education hours in addition to your work experience.  Preparing for certification examinations require weeks or months of study, the purchase of study materials, and the expense of registration costs for the exams which can be expensive - usually ranging from $150 to $500 depending on the certification. 

Fortunately, St. Mary-Corwin has purchased over 30 certification books and CDs available free to hospital associates for use in preparing for testing. Also, SMC will reimburse the cost of the exam upon completion of certification process.  The financial benefit of becoming certified in one’s clinical area is substantial.  Once certified, you become eligible for certification pay which is an additional $1.25 per hour, if you are a full-time associate this could amount up to $2600 dollars per year!  The investment into becoming certified pays for itself in multiple ways, not only are you rewarded financially, but the pride you receive in demonstrating to your patients and co-workers that you have taken the steps to be a clinical expert in your chosen area is an immense confidence booster to one’s self esteem. 

I encourage all clinical staff to seek out the credentialing agency for their clinical specialty and look into becoming certified.  If you need assistance in the certification process, contact your manager, director or educator to learn more.  The Staff Development department will work with any associate to obtain certification materials and guide them through the certification process.

Educational opportunities for October 2010






Contact Staffing Office #5344 for date and times

New Hire Nursing Orientation

Contact your manager or Theresa Wright at #5646 for date and times

New Hire CNA/ HUC Orientation

Contact your manager or Theresa Wright at #5646 for date and times

Nurse Practice Fair

Contact your manager or Theresa Wright at #5646 for date and times


Contact your manager or Theresa Wright at #5646 for date and times

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Shared Governance

Paul Lau, RN
Chairperson, Collaborative Practice Council

Striving for excellence!

During the recent Emergency Nurses Association national conference in San Antonio, Texas, I had the chance to reflect on a very important point that we all take for granted at times. It seems that we become so involved in the day-to-day “duties” of being health care professionals that we forget the BIG picture. As we all know, health care is an ever-changing environment and it takes a focused commitment to keep up with all of the changes. We are taught early on in our careers that nursing is an on-going education, with each day bringing about new experiences to learn from. However, if we are to truly strive for excellence in our field, we cannot forget that learning goes over and above the hands-on learning of daily work. There are a myriad of learning opportunities in each area of nursing, including nursing journals, online CE’s, nursing forums and grand rounds, and as I recently experienced… conferences! They all provide the latest in evidence-based clinical skills that can be applied to our daily patient interactions.

In my May article, I talked about the value of professionalism and striving for self-improvement. There is no better way to express this than to further your education… either through CE’s or by actually returning to school to earn advanced degrees. Everywhere you look, there are schools advertising RN-MSN programs that can be completed online in the comfort of your own home. Add to that the discounts that are being offered by some schools (for example Regis University offers 10% discount on tuition for Centura employees), tuition reimbursement, and scholarships offered by Centura Health and St. Mary-Corwin.  You can see that striving for excellence has never been easier! So I challenge clinicians to expand their horizons and show an eagerness to learn new things in this ever-changing environment… lest we become determined to stagnate in mediocrity!

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Meditech in Motion

The Meditech 5.65 upgrade was successfully implemented on October 2.  Your commitment to making this upgrade seamless insured the care of our patients was not interrupted during the transition. We understand what a huge undertaking this is for each one of you.  The bar was raised and we are proud of our team who rose to the challenge.

Thank you everyone!

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Living Our Mission

Michele DesLauriers
Vice President of Mission Integration

Mission is lived in our continuing commitment to provide compassionate care that honors the dignity and worth of each person. As we care for the poor and vulnerable we are called to be listeners, servants and advocates for persons whose social conditions put them at the margins of society. Living our Mission means our hospital is recognized as a “holy place” in which the nearness of God is tangible. It means we welcome, respect, include and celebrate a diversity of people, diverse points of view and diverse religious traditions. We hope to provide an environment where you are encouraged to find personal spiritual meaning in your work. And our prayer is that God will richly bless us as we care for each person as part of our family.

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

The National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) organization is a partnership of national public service organizations, professional medical associations, and government agencies working together to promote breast cancer awareness, share information on the disease, and provide greater access to screening services. Since its inception a quarter century ago, NBCAM has been at the forefront of promoting awareness of breast cancer issues and has evolved along with the national dialogue on breast cancer. Today, NBCAM recognizes that although many great strides have been made in breast cancer awareness and treatment, there remains much to be accomplished. 

St. Mary-Corwin’s Breast Screening & Diagnostic Center and Dorcy Cancer Center join this initiative by educating and empowering women to take charge of their own breast health by practicing regular self-breast exams to identify any changes, scheduling regular visits and annual mammograms with their healthcare provider, adhering to prescribed treatment, and knowing the facts about recurrence. 

Lee National Denim Day - Friday, October 8
In recognition of NBCAM, St. Mary-Corwin is joining forces with Lee Jeans in the fight against breast cancer by wearing denim on October 8.  Mammography associates will be in the Corwin Café to collect your $5 donation that allows you to show your support by wearing jeans and pink (the signature color of breast cancer awareness) on denim day.  You can donate $5 on Wednesday, October 6 and Thursday, October 7 from 11 am to 1 pm in the Corwin Café.  Your $5 contribution benefits groundbreaking early detection and treatment research at leading cancer centers and provides breast cancer educational services to communities nationwide.  We can do our part here at St. Mary-Corwin by encouraging others to get involved in Lee National Denim Day.  For more information, visit

Collect Yoplait Lids
The Mammography department is collecting Yoplait® lids through December 20.  During the annual drive, for every pink lid we send in Yoplait® will donate 10 cents to Susan G. Komen for the Cure®, up to $1.5 million. So, start collecting your pink lids and take them to the drop off bin in Mammography through December 20.  (Please wash them first.)  For more information, visit

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Corporate Cup - results are in!

The results are in!  Thanks to all the amazing SMC associates who participated in this year's Corporate Cup.  We all had such a fun time and are proud to be part of TEAM SMC!  Please thank the team captains listed below and Corporate Cup Team Director Veronica Montano for their hard work and enthusiasm in leading us in the events this year.  Special thanks also to Shannon Hamilton who coordinated all of the online team data entry, and the St. Mary-Corwin administration team for their support in allowing us to participate in this great community event!  Some of the results are available at the following web link -

Overall Team Ranking
1 - Parkview Medical Center
2 - Colorado Mental Health Institute of Pueblo
3 - City of Pueblo
4 - Bechtel
5 - St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center
6 - Trane
7 - Colorado State University-Pueblo
8 - Evraz
9 - Vestas
10 - Wal-Mart Pueblo West

Team Participation - 17% of associates registered, 16% participated - 8th place

5k Walk/Run Predict - Team Captain Jenny Breit, Mammography
Rosa Navarro-Bruce; Actual - 32:52, Predict - 32:46, Variance - 6 seconds, 5th place
Nancy Artus; A-57:20, P-57:00, V-20 sec, 6th place
Harley Miller; A-26:53, P-27:00, V-7 sec, 3rd place
Conor Heaney; A-25:15, P-25:00, V-15 sec, 3rd place
Dennis Wait; A-34:29, P-34:50, V-21 sec, 4th place

Veronica Montano, 4th place
Jenny Breit, 6th place
12.4 Bike Predict - Team Captain Rosa Navarro-Bruce, Diagnostic Imaging
Jenny Breit; Actual - 58:46, Predict - 58:30, Variance - 16 sec, 2nd place
Veronica Montano; A-52:58, P-53:56, V-58 sec, 5th place
Ruth Aranda; A-1:04:26, P-1:05:00, V-34 sec, 5th place
Mike Archuleta; A-44:35, P-44:00, V-35 sec, 4th place
Banner Contest - 3rd place

Basketball Shoot - Team Captain Jillian Maes, Marketing & Communications
Veronica Gomez, 2nd place, 23 points
Jillian Maes, 3rd place, 19 points
Veronica Montano, 2nd place, 16 points
Sharon Vigil, 6th place, 7 points
Marilyn Montoya, 5th place, 1 point

Event Worker - Team Captain Shannon Hamilton - 5 team points

Executive Challenge - Team Captain LaRae Miller, Administration
1st place
Dan Cordova, Larae Miller, Rob Ryder, Sheri Trahern



Football Throw - Team Captain Dan Cordova, Support Services
Jillian Maes, 2nd place, 6 points
Veronica Gomez, 6th place, 3 points
Veronica Montano, 2nd place, 7 points
Melissa Grundy, 3rd place, 7 points
Himon Robles, 5th place, 2 points
Bill Main, 6th place, 3 points
Dr. Steve Brown, 1st place, 6 points
Health Challenge - Team Captain Christy Higham, Rehab - 4th place

Mile Run - Team Captain Veronica Montano, Diagnostic Imaging
Jenny Breit, 4th place, 8:10
Kristi Sprague, 6th place, 7:56
Mike de la Cruz, 1st place, 5:31

Swimming - Team Captain Beth Arellano, Case Management
Co-ed Masters - 6th place, Marcello Aguilera, Mike Archuleta, David Crutchfield, Jane Koen
Co-ed Open - 9th place

Tug of War - Team Captain Veronica Gomez, Nutrition Services
3rd place
Traci Coulson, David Crutchfield, Veronica Gomez, Bobbi Hall, Brooke Strawn, Veronica Montano, Juan Salinas, Maritza Salinas, Nicholas Sumpter, Dennis Wait, Joe Wooten

Teamwork Challenges - Team Captain Harley Miller, Nuclear Medicine
3rd place Harley Miller, Eric Lowery, Mandy Pechek, Jenny Breit
Other team - 8th place
Bowling - Team Captain Nancy Hamilton, Southern Colorado Family Medicine
5th place, Ed Cervantes, Gregg Dierksen, David Dumond, Kendra Martinez
Other teams - 13th, 19th, 27th, 36th place

T-shirt Contest - Veronica Montano - 4th place
Golf - Team Captain Brenda Passarelli, Human Resources
16th, 25th, 26th place

Volleyball - Team Captain Christina Valdez, Rehab
8th place

Softball - Team Captain Dave Crutchfield, IT
8th place

* All place rankings are based on Divisoin 3 teams only; for example, a third place ranking is third out of ten teams.

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CSU-Pueblo Football

Join us at the St. Mary-Corwin sponsored CSU-Pueblo football game on October 16!

As a corporate sponsor of CSU-Pueblo athletics, St. Mary-Corwin will be the featured sponsor of the Military Appreciation football game against 2009 RMAC Champions Nebraska-Kearney on Saturday, October 16 at 2 pm.  During the game, Flight For Life will land on the football field to deliver St. Mary-Corwin President & CEO Rob Ryder and local military personnel representatives during the half-time performance.

Please join us in cheering on the Thunderwolves in the Neta and Eddie DeRose ThunderBowl!  St. Mary-Corwin will receive 100 tickets for Thunder Hill - the grass area of the ThunderBowl - to give out to associates.  If you would like to receive tickets, please contact Jillian Maes at 557-5556 or  Limit is two per associate.

Remaining 2010 Thunderwolves football home games
Oct. 2  CHADRON STATE   2:00 pm
Oct. 16  NEBRASKA-KEARNEY  2:00 pm
Oct. 30  NEW MEXICO HIGHLANDS  6:00 pm

The Thunderwolves football team have been actively involved with St. Mary-Corwin and are providing weekly player visits for our patients.  Here are some photos of recent visits.



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Say Boo to the Flu

The annual St. Mary-Corwin Flu Shot Clinic will be held October 14 and 15. 

Associates, physicians and voluntees are encouraged to get a flu shot for the upcoming influenza season.  Vaccinations will be given in the Employee Health Office on the third floor of the East tower, room 3212.  Get a flu shot and you'll be entered in a drawing for a gift basket!

Last names beginning with A-L:  Thursday, October 14 from 9 am to Noon, and 1 pm to 4 pm
Last names beginning with M-Z:  Friday, October 15 from 9 am to Noon, and 1 pm to 4 pm

Night supervisors will also have vaccinations to give to night shift associates.

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Health Promotion Center

At the July associate forums, the Service Excellence Communications Team held a survey in which an overwhelming majority of associates said they would be interested in joining the hospital's Health Promotion Center (HPC) if they knew more about the cost and services offered.  We heard you loud and clear!  Please read below an article put together by the HPC:

The Health Promotion Center at St. Mary-Corwin encourages all associates to achieve healthy lifestyle goals and maintain fitness and safety in their lives. Exercise is beneficial for many reasons because it can increase cardiovascular function, bone density, energy, circulation, confidence and muscle tone.  It can also decrease cholesterol, blood pressure, stress, weight and risk of heart disease and diabetes.
Please take advantage of what the HPC has to offer. For only $10 each month, paid by payroll deduction, you will have easy access to a variety of fitness tools that can put you on the fast track to healthy living!  The HPC offers treadmills, elliptical machines, an indoor track, bikes, free weights, weight machines and stairmaster machines. Stress management classes are offered monthly in the department. Nutrition classes are also offered monthly that are free and open to the public. 
HPC hours for associate members with badge access:            
Monday - Friday     5:30 am - 11 pm
Saturday-Sunday      5:30 am - 9 pm

Hours of exclusion for all members are 10 am-Noon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, due to Medicare guidelines for monitored cardiac rehab patients.
Completion of a membership packet and a brief orientation by appointment prior to starting is required.  Packets are located in the HPC gym in the East tower basement. Lockers and showers are also located near the HPC and are available for use by HPC members.
For more information, please call 557-4576 or 557-4578.

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Blood Drive and Survey

In an effort to increase the amount of dontations we collect at the blood drives held at St. Mary-Corwin, we have partnered with Bonfils Blood Center to create a Blood Drive Survey.  We encourage all associates to take this brief survey that will only take a few minutes of your time, but will help us immensely in planning future blood drives.  We want to hear from you!

Monday, October 18
8 am to 9:40 am
11 am to 1:30 pm
West main entrance

St. Mary-Corwin is partnering with Bonfils Blood Center to host a blood drive on Monday, October 18 in the mobile bus outside the West main entrance.  To make an appointment, call the appointment center at 1-800-365-0006.  Walk-in’s are also welcome!  Bonfils needs 4,350 donors each week to meet the needs of our community.  We thank you in advance for considering this gift.

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Attend an Associate Forum

Associates, physicians and volunteers are invited to attend an associate forum hosted by Rob Ryder, President & CEO of St. Mary-Corwin in October.  Participants will enjoy the Wizard of Oz theme as we all search for knowledge, heart and courage in our lives.  Associate forums are held to provide a quarterly update on how St. Mary-Corwin is performing in the areas of quality, service, cost, people, growth and community.  Please see the schedule below and plan to attend a forum; all forums are held in the Cancer Center conference room. 

Monday, October 18 - 11:30 am, 4 pm
Tuesday, October 19 - 9 am, Noon, 2 pm
Wednesday, October 20 - 3:30 pm
Friday, October 22 - 9 am, 1 pm

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November is Palliative Care Month

Palliative Care aims to relieve the suffering of individuals with life limiting illnesses through pain and symptom management, while focusing on quality of life.  Quality of life may have many different meanings to each person.  Some may feel quality of life is longevity, while others may feel it is being comfortable. 

Palliative Care Clinicians at St. Mary-Corwin include:  Social Worker, Brenda Galassini, MSW; Deborah Rivera, RN; Reverend Jude LaFollette and Sister Darleen Maloney of Spiritual Care; Oncology Counselor Lorraine Hoyle; Dr. Marlow Sloan; and Lynne Mraovich, RN.  The members of this Palliative Care team assist patients and families in identifying what means most to them, what quality of life means to them, and how they are coping with the limitations their illness has created for them.  Relationships, thoughts, emotions, desires, dreams and fears can also be assessed. Assessments of the above dimensions correlate to the sociological, psychological, physical, and spiritual aspects of the whole person. 

In honor of Palliative Care month, the Palliative Care Team is hosting a viewing of the movie ‘Wit”, based on a play by the same name, directed by Mike Nichols and starring Emma Thompson.  In the movie, the 50 year old Vivian Bearing, a professor of English, is diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Her diagnosis, treatment and death are shown in a series of encounters with medical providers punctuated by the course of flashbacks from her academic and personal life.  The history of her illness is recounted retrospectively from her initial symptoms, diagnosis and treatment with experimental chemotherapy and concludes with her eventual death.

The movie with discussion will be shown in the Cancer Center Conference Room from Noon to 2 pm on Friday, November 12, 2010. Participants are encouraged to bring their lunch. Popcorn and soft drinks will be provided. Discussion will be held after the movie focusing on a new understanding of how patients experience terminal illness and identify ways to improve the care they currently provide to patients.  1.5 Continuing education credits will be offered to nurses.

L.I.F.E., a new support group, is now offered to patients undergoing palliative care.  It is intended for people who live with a chronic condition such as stroke, kidney failure, chronic pain, congestive heart failure, etc.  L.I.F.E. meets on the first the third Thursdays of every month from 2:30 pm to 4 pm in the 5100 family conference room.  Facilitators are Brenda Galassini, MSW and Reverend Jude LaFollette in Spiritual Care.  Patients should call 557-4236 if they are interested in attending.

For more information, call the Palliative Care office at 557-3040, visit the Hospice and Palliative Care Website or read this article on Palliative Care.

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We Get Letters

Thank you Father Gary Kennedy (Spiritual Care) for your prayers, support, advice and moral support.  You have made our stay with our mother, Carlota, much easier.  Words cannot really express our appreciation.

The Trujillo, Crespin, Ortiz and Fernandez Families

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Welcome New Associates

Jessica Vigil - Family Practice Clinic
Mary Arguello, Rosalie Carrillo, Breann Hazelton - Dietary
Jill Bechaver, Crystal Berndt, Susan Penkoff, Virginia Shepson - Emergency Room
Crystal Romero - Environmental Services
Kathy Goss, Lisa Monge, Kristi Mueller - General Medical
Sally Cooper - Mammography
Leeanne Hed - Outpatient Sleep Disorder Clinic
Joyce Duran, Dr. Shawn Nakamura, Antonio Ramos, Raelyn Torres - Physician Partners Orthopedic Surgery
Lisa Acel, Holly Bowen, Jodie Myer - Post-Op/Surgical
Samantha Blevins - Psych Assessment Team
Carrie Alarid - Pulmonary
Isaac Asbury - Radiology Diagnostic
Renee Gomez, Jami Linn - Radiology Oncology
Amanda Witzel - Telecommunications
Sandra Maybee - Touchstone Health

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At A Glance


8              Lee National Denim Day

14            Flu Shots for associates with last names beginning with A-L

15            Flu Shots for associates with last names beginning with M-Z

16            CSU-Pueblo Football sponsored by St. Mary-Corwin
                2 pm
                Neta & Eddie DeRose ThunderBowl at CSU-Pueblo

18            Blood Drive
                8 am to 9:40 am and 11 am to 1:30 pm
                West Main Entrance, Bonfils Bus

                Associate Forums at 11:30 am and 4 pm

19            Associate Forums at 9 am, noon and 2 pm

20            Associate Forums at 3:30 pm

22            Associate Forums at 9 am and 1 pm

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Service Awards Banquet

Each year, SMC’s human resources department recognizes associates who have reached milestones in their careers at the annual Service Awards Banquet. The banquet also celebrates the hard work and effort our associates demonstrate each day in serving one another and providing our communities with quality, compassionate health care. This year, the hospital honored 205 associates ranging from five to 45 years of service, including 97 associates who are members of the 25-year club.









Penrose-St. Francis NICU Visit

St. Mary-Corwin's Birth Place staff was pleased to welcome the Penrose-St. Francis (PSF) NICU transport team and unit to the hospital.  The transport unit was on display for hospital staff and local obstetricians to see and learn more about it.  Pictured in the first picture (left to right) are:  Rayette Romero, RN, SMC; Janet Rae Wilson, NNP, PSF; Lisa Wagner, RN, Flight Nurse, SMC Flight For Life; Susan Zamora, NNP, PSF; Terry Weatherford, AMR.  Pictured in the second picture (left to right) are:  Lisa Wagner, RN, Flight Nurse, SMC Flight For Life; Kathleen Woodard, NICU Manager, PSF; Paulette Mapes, Manager of Women's Services & The Birth Place, SMC; Janet Rae Wilson, NNP, PSF; Susan Zamora, NNP, PSF; Eric Sorensen, EMT-P, Flight Paramedic, SMC Flight For Life.

Live, Laugh, Learn

On Sept. 25, SMC hosted an entertaining and educational women’s event in the Dorcy Cancer Center called Live, Laugh, Learn. The event included a presentation by Karen Linamen who gave a lighthearted look at womanhood and some of the unique needs of women. An update on news in women’s health included advice from Dr. Candace Murbach, a faculty physician with the Southern Colorado Family Medicine physician residency program, and Dr. Megan Lenhart, OB/GYN. Finally, guests were treated to a sneak peak of the renovated Birth Place and information and education from several departments at the hospital.



Dr. Joel Ohlsen Award

St. Mary-Corwin sends its congratulatory wishes to Dr. Joel Ohlsen.  In July 2010, the Colorado Cancer Research Program (CCRP) awarded Dr. Ohlsen with the Robert F. Berris, MD Award for his commitment to cancer patients and to community cancer research. After earning his credentials at Stanford University, one of the nation’s elite medical centers, Dr. Ohlsen brought his “big city” expertise and compassion to Southern Colorado in 1978.  His most significant gift to Pueblo and Southern Colorado was his vision and leadership behind the creation of the Dorcy Cancer Center at St. Mary-Corwin Medical Center. Dr. Ohlsen’s vision ultimately led to setting the stage for Colorado’s first Trilogy linear accelerator, which was installed in 2006. Dr. Ohlsen has been a valuable asset as a member of the CCRP Board of Directors, serving from 2002-2010. Dr Ohlsen also serves as a site surveyor for the American College of Surgeons throughout the country.

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure

St. Mary-Corwin and the Dorcy Cancer Center were proud to partner with Penrose-St. Francis and the Penrose Cancer Center to sponsor the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. The sponsorship included a booth where “squish” balls were handed out with information on both the Dorcy Cancer Center and Penrose Cancer Center reminding women of the importance of getting “squished” with an annual mammogram.

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