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March 2014  

This is a monthly newsletter for the medical staff of Penrose-St. Francis Health Services. 
Articles can be submitted to aimeewoolley-randall@centura.org.

From the CMO

I would like to take a moment to recognize several stars among the stars on our Medical Staff that have outstanding scores for patient satisfaction.

The Hospital Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems (HCAHPS) is a standardized survey instrument that asks patients about their perspective on care that encompasses nine key topics – one of which is communication with doctors.The survey is administered to a random sample of patients (not every patient).A vendor collects the data from patients regarding their perceptions of their hospital experience after they are discharged from the hospital.The results of HCAHPS by hospital are published on www.hospitalcompare.hhs.gov
The results are also used to pay hospitals as part of the Value Based Purchasing program from CMS.

There are 3 specific questions the patient is asked about their physician during the survey:
During this hospital stay, how often did doctors treat you with courtesy and respect?
During this hospital stay, how often did doctors listen carefully to you?
During this hospital stay, how often did doctors explain things in a way you could understand?

The following physicians received a top score 100% of the time for all three questions.
The range of surveys was 2-10 patients responding for each physician in the below group

The following physicians also received a top score of 100% for all three questions.
There was one survey done for each of the physicians below.
Conner,G Marc

The following physicians received top scores >90% of the time for all three questions.
This group had very tough criteria to reach those scores because of their heavy hospital patient volumes. Therefore, these doctors are also truly remarkable stand outs for patient satisfaction. The number of surveys received ranged from 10 to 74 for each of the following doctors.

The timeframe for the above data was Oct 2012 - Sept 2013. The survey is ongoing for the foreseeable future because CMS requires it. Results take time to receive and tabulate (so, for example, I can’t provide the scores from January 2014 yet).

HCAHPS is administered to a random sample of adult inpatients between 48 hours and six weeks after discharge. The survey is not restricted to Medicare beneficiaries.

Once again, thank you for the great care you provide your patients!
It is an honor to have a sterling Medical Staff.

Gil Porat, M.D. CMO

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Guest Column - University of Colorado School of Medicine

Featured artice from Erik Wallace, MD, FACP, Associate Dean for Colorado Springs Branch,
University of Colorado School of Medicine

In April 2016, 24 medical students from the University of Colorado School of Medicine will commence with their 3rd year core clinical rotations as the first cohort of the Colorado Springs Branch (CSB).  As the Associate Dean for the Colorado Springs Branch, my goal is to ensure that these students, and all CSB students in subsequent years, receive a superior community-based clinical education experience.

As a graduate of Washington University School of Medicine and the Primary Care Internal Residency Program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, I have always had a passion for medical education.  However, it was during my 10-year tenure as faculty at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine in Tulsa that I learned how to be a physician-leader who can help improve the health of the community.

Colorado Springs, which is similar in many ways to Tulsa, has a unique opportunity to create and deliver innovative community-based educational models for our students.  Through collaborative partnerships with our local health care providers and organizations, I hope that everyone will embrace the opportunity to work with our students and show them what a wonderful place the Colorado Springs community is to live and to provide high-quality health care.  A positive experience for our students can certainly help with recruitment and retention of these students as future physicians within the community.

We are currently in the process of interviewing and accepting the first cohort of CSB students.  Their academic and personal credentials are absolutely incredible, and I am confident that their presence in our hospitals and clinics will enhance the experiences for our providers, and most importantly, our patients.

As physicians, I know we are busy and we have organizational expectations in terms of productivity.  We can help work with this and other perceived barriers to providing high-quality medical education in your clinical environments.  Medical education has also changed significantly compared to when most of us went through medical school and residency training.  The University of Colorado School of Medicine has numerous resources for faculty development, such as the Academy of Medical Educators, to help physicians create the optimal learning environment for students.  We are committed to providing these necessary resources to our preceptors.

We are looking for physician preceptors who provide outstanding interdisciplinary medical services and care to their patients.  For the students to have a superior experience, the students must have access to preceptors who: care about the students and are happy to have them there; “think aloud” so that students can understand the preceptor’s clinical thought processes; create a positive educational environment so that students feel comfortable asking questions; and provide a significant amount of patient contact for students to see a variety of clinical presentations.

I hope that Penrose-St. Francis and Centura Health embrace the opportunity to showcase its outstanding health care system through providing medical education, clinical experience, and support of the University of Colorado School of Medicine Colorado Springs Branch students.  If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact me at erik.wallace@ucdever.edu.  I am looking forward to working with you.


Erik Wallace, MD, FACP
Associate Dean for Colorado Springs Branch
University of Colorado School of Medicine

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Physician Satisfaction Survey Results

We appreciate the time our doctors took to complete the Physician Satisfaction Survey. We utilized the exact wording of questions from the 2012 survey to try and get as much of an apples-to-apples comparison as possible. (The exception was the EHR question which was not in the 2012 survey.)

In 2012 there were 82 responses, and it was a longer survey. This 2014 survey had a much higher response rate of 141 physicians. Chief-of-Staff Dr. Jack Sharon and Dr. Porat picked questions from the 2012 survey they felt were important to have follow-up on.The comments from the write-in section were also an important part of the survey that will be utilized to focus the priorities of the Chief-of-Staff and CMO.

A more in-depth discussion of the data and comments will take place at the Physician Steering Committee meeting on April 2nd at 7:30 a.m. in the Board Room at Penrose Hospital. If you are not on the Physician Steering Committee but would like to attend that meeting, please let Brett Lentz know at brettlentz@centura.org or 776-6186.

If you would like to see the full results of the survey, please click on the image below.

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Guideline for PICC Team Referral to IR


1)  The LIP enters an order via CPOE for PICC placement.  The order then prints in the PICC office.  Floor staff page the PICC nurse, as well, to notify her/him of the order.

2)  The PICC team will respond to the orders as soon as possible. The time frame for the response depends on the number of orders received that day, as well as the time of day the order is received.

3)  The PICC team reviews the patient’s chart and determines if the patient is a candidate for a bedside PICC based on INS Guidelines and assessment findings.  The patient will also be assessed, based on their needs, for the appropriateness of a PICC placement.  Ultrasound guided IV placement may be suggested/recommended to the LIP based on the above assessments. **Tunneled PICCs are only placed in IR. PICC nurses do not place tunneled lines.

 4)  The PICC nurse will then go to the beside to evaluate the patient. If this evaluation excludes the patient from bedside placement, or if the RN is unable to thread or position the line properly, the PICC RN will call IR (x5339) and inform the tech that a PICC placement needs to be scheduled. The PICC nurse will then edit the original PICC order in Meditech to indicate that IR placement is needed.  The order in Meditech will include the ordering MD, the PICC nurse’s name and contact number, along with a brief explanation as to why the PICC is being referred for IR placement. The changed order in Meditech also needs to include the indication for a PICC.

5)  If the PICC simply needs repositioning by IR, the IR tech will schedule this the same day, if possible. If IR cannot reposition the line same day, the line may be pulled back and used as a midline in emergent cases if deemed appropriate by the PICC RN. This will be documented in the patient’s EMR.

6)  If the PICC needs to be inserted and IR is notified by 1200, the IR tech will schedule the PICC placement for that day.  If IR is notified after 1200, the PICC placement will be scheduled for the next business day.

***IR will rarely place PICCs after hours, on weekends, or on holidays. When this is desired, it will require a doctor to doctor conversation to discuss the PICC placement or other alternative access possibilities.

***Because PICCs are not emergent and because there are limitations with IR and PICC nurse availability, proactive discharge planning for all patients with potential PICC needs is absolutely imperative.

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Happenings in Brief


The drop dead date for adopting PDOC for all notes is July 1, 2014. The exception is H&Ps, Initial Consults, Operative Reports and Discharge Summaries - which can still be dictated.

 If you are still writing daily progress notes on paper, please be aware it will not be possible starting July 1st. 

Our Physician Trainers can be reached at 776-6100 for anybody desiring help learning PDOC.
You are strongly encouraged to learn electronic progress note documentation well before July 1st to minimize frustrations when the paper progress notes go away.

UPTODATE is now available!

We received feedback that our physicians want UPTODATE and we agree it is an excellent resource. To access UPTODATE, click on the GLOBE icon in the bottom right corner of Meditech and choose UPTODATE.

After the UPTODATE page loads, click on NEW SEARCH (some people are getting an ERROR message after the page loads, but clicking on NEW SEARCH resolves that issue).

It will only be available within the hospital. Remote access from home is not available through Centura.


MyCenturaHealth, Centura Health’s patient portal, is now available to all patients. The portal connects patients to health information from both their Centura Health physician practice and the acute care setting, creating a single online secure portal to access personal health records. The enhanced portal not only gives patients 24/7 access to their health information, but empowers them to advance and engage in their own health.
Secure access to medical information and communication with providers are key components of the Meaningful Use standards of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. We have designed the architecture of MyCenturaHealth to meet Stage 2 Meaningful Use standards. Patients will have online access to their health information, such as medical conditions, medications, immunizations, allergies and lab results. Patients of Centura Health Physician Group providers will also have the ability to send secure, online messages to their care team, enabling them to request, view and change appointments, request prescription refills and maintain their active medication lists.

GI Lab at St. Francis Medical Center Grand Opening Celebration

You are invited to join us for the grand opening celebration of the new GI Lab at St. Francis Medical Center on Thursday, March 13 from 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. The new location is on the first floor, just down the hall from Cardiac Diagnostics.

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Featured Practice - Southern Colorado MFM

A maternal fetal medicine (MFM) physician is an expert in the diagnosis and management of both maternal and fetal complications of pregnancy. At Southern Colorado MFM, Stephanie Martin, DO and Scott Gray, MD, say their role is to co-manage patients with the patient’s obstetrician or family practice doctor. 

“We are here to help with whatever the primary physician needs,” said Dr. Martin. “Sometimes it is just a phone call from a doctor who just wants to make sure they haven’t missed anything while other times we will see the patient in our office or while she is an inpatient.”

They care for women with a variety of maternal medical issues such as: advanced age, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, cardiac and kidney disease. In addition, they can treat abnormalities with the fetus or problems with fetal growth. They are also available to consult on any medical or surgical complication related to pregnancy for inpatients at St. Francis Medical Center. Martin says that they are always happy to help, even after the baby is born.

Pre-conception consultation is an often missed reason for connecting a patient with a MFM specialist. “I met with a woman recently who was 51 and considering having a baby,” said Dr. Martin.

If you would like to have your practice featured, please contact aimeewoolley-randall@centura.org.

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Click on the calendar for a larger, printable version.

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Meet your Colleagues

Physiatrist Brian K. McIntyre, DO

Dr. McIntyre is board-certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. He practices comprehensive, yet conservative, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation for patients with all types of pain, injuries and disability. He has a broad variety of skills to address musculoskeletal injuries including manipulation, trigger point injections, medical management, and Electrodiagnostic medical examinations (EMG’s). His holistic style and comprehensive approach focuses on improving health, not just eliminating pain through innovative education and health coaching. He’s a Diplomate of the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

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Welcome New Medical Staff Members

The Penrose-St. Francis Medical Executive Committee has approved the following providers:

  • Elizabeth DeVictoria, MD, Sentient Medical Systems, Neurology
  • Brian Erickson, MD, Cardiac and Thoracic Surgery Associates, Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Jonathan Miller, MD, Pikes Peak Anesthesia Associates, Anesthesiology
  • Misha Miller, MD, Colorado Springs Health Partners, Dermatology
  • Shaina Reynolds, DO, Matthews-Vu Medical Group, Family Medicine
  • Pennie Schultz, MD, Matthews-Vu Medical Group, Pediatrics

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Articles can be submitted to aimeewoolley-randall@centura.org.